Frozen fish and fish products

Quick freezing is the best way to permanently preserve the high quality of fish and semi-finished fish products

Fresh fish

Fish caught in the clean northern seas and never frozen has the best taste that can be

Fresh and frozen seafood

Seafood have great nutritional value, great taste and is a true finery for any table


In an age of modern farming, fish remains one of the last major sources of wild-caught food on earth. Whilst aquaculture has a growing role to play, most of the fish we eat is still caught by people who hunt for it on the open seas, as they have done for centuries.

As the one of Europe’s fast growing multinational seafood group, we at VISLANDIA govern our actions keeping in mind importance of three main ingredients for a successful business at responsible and sustainable fisheries which are of paramount importance for the future of the resource.

Our advantage
Wild fish has a great nutritional value for human being and VISLANDIA recognizes the need for continuous improvement of catching, processing, storage and transportation methods in order to provide the highest possible quality of fish products on all its way from “boat to plate”. It is our intention ... read more
As a renewable resource the fish industry is dependent on environmentally responsible and enforceable management measures in both national and international waters. VISLANDIA recognizes that responsible and sustainable fisheries are of paramount importance for the future of the wild fish resource. W... read more
VISLANDIA supports the aims and objectives of the international standard on ethical trading. We always respect our business partners and will not conduct trade with companies which are not mindful of their ethical, social, environmental, financial and humanitarian responsibilities. read more