About company

VISLANDIA (trade name) is the multinational business project started its way in the mid-2000s, where from the small beginnings we have grown through the years to become an innovative business organization within the fish & seafood business industry, providing fish products to the customers in the Europe and overseas.

Our philosophy is to continuously progress step by step improving standards, increasing trading volumes and be the best at what we do. Our mission is to develop business practices and personnel, enabling us to ensure the high level services we can offer to all customers. Working with our strategic suppliers, we aim to develop and introduce innovative products, keeping our customers ahead of the market they operate in. 

We are a forward thinking business team embracing the need to adapt to changing market and consumer trends. However, we will never forget our roots and will always be a  “personal people” company. 

We are all live in a rapidly changing business environment, where trials of recent years have also affected us - VISLANDIA. But we are never stand still and despite the challenges we are active and optimistic about the future.

Since September 2021 our newest Dutch member VISKA B.V. was associated with the global seafood giant group where our joint efforts have been performed in the Pacific wild salmon processing project which we have launched in Eastern Europe and which was the first experience for us. Since fish processing market in Southeast Asia starts shrinking, the trend of developing this businesses in Eastern Europe and South America becomes increasingly relevant. 

 Currently, VISLANDIA is actively developing the contract processing of both - wild Pacific and farmed Atlantic salmon.  

Another promising path of development is the wild ocean ground fish, as the most environmentally friendly  and affordable protein source for human consumption. VISLANDIA has continued to work hard on this project over the past years.

We are still in trend and on the way to grow. VISLANDIA has launched a new project "SKN WAY - Food Supplements", where 100% Natural Marine Collagen, made of wild MSC certified Atlantic Cod is the first step in this new product line. Omega-3 coming next.

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